The ability to express oneself well and be understood by others is invaluable. The ability to speak with authority, communicate verbally, and nonverbally, know when and when not to speak, what to say and how to say it is equality important. It has become increasingly clear in today’s society many people have poor speech habits and are deficient in their ability to communicate in a clear, sharp, concise, relevant and effective manner. How often do you hear someone around you repeatedly say, “you know”, “like”, “ah” , “um” or “ok” as part of their speech pattern? We spend over 90% of our time every day communicating, of which 65% – 75% of that time is listening.
However, many people hear rather than listen.

We must learn to listen before we can listen to learn.

My name is Norman Shy, I conduct interactive, communication seminars teaching people to communicate properly and effectively so they are listened to and understood.

What’s the use of speaking if no one is listening? .

I have degrees in rhetoric and public address from Michigan State University, Wayne State University, was Speech Department Chairman at Michigan Lutheran College, Shaw College of Detroit and have taught educators, office staff, businessmen, salespeople. Management and executives in ”The Art of Communicating.”